Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Modern Misandry

It's the done thing these days to bash men. Historically men - white, heterosexual, Western men in specific - have always been the elite, they've trampled over every other demographic in the world and reigned supreme for hundreds of years. They've invaded every nation under the sun, they've formed exclusive clubs, they've bullied and discriminated and generally made sure that everyone who wasn't like them was thoroughly downtrodden. 

Well no more, those men are finally getting what was coming to them.

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  1. I agree these misandrist jokes and attitudes are wrong, ugly and demeaning. They're simply a reversal and in effect a perpetuation of traditional misogynist humour. It's always baffled me why anyone would want to publicly belittle their own partner for the purposes of humour, because as you say, what does that say about *them* if their partner is smelly, stupid, cowed etc?

    They don't, however, seem to me to be the product of modern feminism as such (at least not as I understand it) but rather the reverse side of the coin of traditional sexist attitudes. For example, if women boast about getting men to do things for them or buy things for them in exchange for sex then ,yes, that demeans men as at the mercy of their sexuality and undesirable but it also reinforces two traditional ideas about women;

    a)They can't buy or do things for themselves but need a man's help
    b)Their sexuality is for sale; their own sexual needs are insignificant but they will do things they don't necessarily want to do so a man will take care of them.

    It seems to me that by sharing in this kind of 'humour' women are, rather than 'getting their own back' in fact unwittingly perpetuating a still thriving culture of sexist assumptions that is damaging to men and women and gets in the way of equality and mutual respect.


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