Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Day Soldiers - New Show Coming Soon to SyFy*

It's not often I get excited about a new TV show, but this one I can't resist. I'm a big fan of paranormal suspense shows like True Blood, but this is going to be darker, gritter and altogether more kick-ass than anything you've seen before.

Part horror, part comedy, part adventure, Day Soldiers will take you on an exciting ride through a world where monsters are monsters and the only thing they fall in love with is the taste of human blood.

A legion of vampires and werewolves has declared war on the human race. 

For ten years now, humanity has been at war with the creatures of darkness. The war has changed the world. The day now belongs to humanity and the night belongs to things once thought to exist only in myths and legends... but there is hope. This new enemy has united humanity and an army has stepped forward to protect the light from the darkness. An army of heroes. 

Is that not the coolest thing you ever heard? 

Sadly, SyFy has no plans to turn this into a show...yet. But if you too are bored of vampires that glitter and sparkle, that fall in love with every sappy blonde heroine they stumble across, then now is the time to act! Join the growing legion on Facebook, follow the campaign's progress on its official website and Protect the Day!

And while we're waiting for the suits in TV-land to catch up with what the public want, why not read the book now?

*Disclaimer: SyFy does not endorse and is in no way affiliated with this grass roots campaign. Yet. 

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