Saturday, 9 February 2013

Saturday Share - Reading Recs Week6 #KDPBest

Today I'm bringing you two books with very different takes on action and adventure.

The Journals of Jacob and Hyde by Randall J. Morris is a whole new take on a Victorian classic. Jake is just a normal kid who enjoys reading bedtime stories. But there may be more truth in the legend than he realised.

The stories became shockingly real when he discovered that he was a descendant of Dr. Jekyll and that he had his own Mr. Hyde living inside him. Driven by a desire to do good, he attempts to hunt down and kill the remaining Hyde monsters. Can he finish off the onslaught of Hyde monsters and keep the girl he loves safe from their retaliation?

SODIUM:1 Harbinger by Stehen Arsenault is pure sci-fi gold.

In 1957, a group of wilderness adventurers are confronted with the unexpected. They are forced to defend themselves against an unworldly enemy. Will man's first encounter with aliens force them to run or will they stand and fight? This is the first thriller in the SODIUM series. Follow along as the unwitting group determine their own fate.

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