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Blood & Ash Lost Realm Book One
Published 26th June 2011
The witches have declared war on the fae, and threatened the life of Ash, the Realm's young prince. To protect him, his brother does something unthinkable: he brings a vampire into the Realm. But Azrael has his own demons to fight, not least his growing attraction to Ash. Will he be able to defend him, or should Ash be more afraid of the vampire he's fallen for?

Fenton: The Loneliest Vampire A Lost Realm Short Story
Published 13th July 2011
One man's quest for companionship, in a world obsessed with sex. It's not that Fenton doesn't love - he does, fiercely - but it's never enough. He doesn't understand the desires that move other men. That's why Kali chose him. Kali knows that the blood is everything: the only desire. And he intends to teach Fenton that, too.

Fire & Ice Lost Realm Book Two 
Published 5th October 2011
Skye thought that rescuing Ash from the witches and returning him to the Realm would keep him safe, but fae law forbids Ash's relationship with the vampire Azrael, and Ash won't rest until the law is changed. As Skye swears vengeance on the witches, the brothers set off on separate journeys, both thinking that they are doing what is best for the Realm. But Ash is about to learn that love against the odds isn't easy, and Skye fears that love alone might never be enough.

Danny's Boy
Published 25th August 2011
Danny knew that moving back to the small town that he'd grown up in was a mistake. Getting beaten up for being gay just confirmed that. But help comes from an unexpected source - Ste, his best friend from high school. Danny dares to hope that they might mean something to each other again. Perhaps Ste can give him a reason to stay, after all.

Four Chances: A Short Story Quartet
Published 18th November 2011
Lust, Love, Longing and Loss. Four erotic tales of attraction and angst; seduction and separation.

Short and Bittersweet
Published 7th April 2012
Because love isn't always the answer... A Lord stuck in an empty marriage; illegitimacy in the upper classes; a husband with a terrible secret; a failed relationship and a deathbed recollection - five short pieces on the destructive nature of love.

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What He Wants 
Published 28th April 2012
Christo's life fell apart when his partner of eight years walked out on him. A fling with sexy, arrogant Damien might be just what he needs to help him get over his ex. But letting someone in is never easy, especially not when you're two alpha men both used to being the boss.

Also available in paperback.

The Rest of Forever
Published 17th May 2012 as part of the Love is Always Write Event
When they were eighteen years old, Paul told his best friend that he was in love with him. Scared and stupid, Jack ran away. Seven years later, haunted by what he lost, Jack returns to claim the man who'd been his since they were four years old. But has he left it too late?

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