Self-Publishing Tips & Tricks

A shortcut to all the posts in this series.

#1: Preparation
Editing, covers, blurbs, formatting.

#2: Pricing
Royalties, volume, the impact of genre, free books.

#3: Marketing, the Basics
Tags, Shelfari, Amazon author pages, reader forums, lists.

#4: Advanced Marketing
Google, online visibility, extended distribution,, blogging, analytics.

#5: Selling Yourself
Author = celebrity, making writing pay, social networks, increasing output, building a brand, adding value.

#6: Social Networking 101
Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads, blogging, pinging, Social Oomph / Manage Flitter, html sig lines, forums, getting initial sales, boosting visibility, generating interest, interacting with readers.

#7: Paid Advertising
Google Adwords, Facebook, Kindleboards, blogs

#8: Guerrilla Marketing
Freebies, media, posters, QR codes, libraries, students, author networking, websites, becoming an expert, interacting with fans.

#9: SEO
Blogging, being unique, footer links, pages, keywords, backlinks.

#10: Conclusions
Wrap-up, overview and additional tips, dealing with reviews.

BONUS - here's a link to (my own) post on the KDP author forums. Before you self-publish on Amazon, check this thread. Please. The sanity of us "older" authors depends on it.
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