Works in Progress

Welcome to my WIP page! I'll keep this page updated with info on new releases, planned projects and bits and pieces I'm writing.

Lost Realm
The third novel is due out early 2013. War has finally arrived in the Realm - vampires, witches and the fae enter battle...but who's on what side?

Another short spin-off is also going to be released at the same time as the novel. Fenton's Absolution is going to offer the loneliest vampire the chance for happiness he's always longed for.

A sneak peek at the third novel is available here.

Following the success of The Rest of Forever I've been hounded for requests for not one but two spin-offs. Unfortunately, for the moment at least I don't have any plans to write Curt's story, because the lonely bear Jack meets in the bar has completely captured my imagination. His story is titled When Forever Ends and I'm writing it right now.

A sneak peek is available here.

What He Wants
Loose plans for a sequel to What He Wants are in the pipeline. There's going to be far more of Jess and her mothers - Sam and Ali sadly fell victim to the editing process in the first book, but they're great women. Sam refuses to put up with Damien's BS and calls him out at every opportunity. She and Christo are going to become firm friends...

Sherlock Holmes
Yes, you read that right. And if you've read my post Queering Sherlock Holmes, you won't be in the least surprised. I was originally going to write a non-fic analysis of the canon, but when I picked up my pen to write I inadvertently channeled John Watson. The plan is to release a collection of shorts chronicling a slightly  less conventional relationship between the detective and his biographer than is usually seen. Emphasis is on authenticity - I want them to read as if Doyle had written them - so this will be no raunch-fest, but I'm having great fun writing them and I hope m/m fans - and Holmes fans - won't be disappointed!


I am but a man, with a man’s fallibilities. In the years both before and following my marriage I had not been unaccustomed to slaking my own desires, and that evening I found it an impossibility to deny my flesh its carnal cravings.

Knowing Holmes as a light sleeper I was well-versed, I thought, in keeping my actions furtive. I had not more than half-begun, however, when I was startled almost to death by the appearance of a pale figure in my bedroom doorway. My guilty hand instantly retreated, but I fear my nightshirt did little to disguise my aroused state.

“Watson, are you quite alright?” he asked in his most solicitous tone, his bare feet grazing softly over the hessian mat as he made his way to my bedside. “I believe I heard a noise.”

“I am quite alright, Holmes, I assure you,” I blustered, sitting up straighter and urgently fussing with the counterpane.

“You appear a little, distressed.” He lingered over the word, an edge of amusement tingeing his tone. The bed barely creaked as he sat upon the edge, our shoulders almost touching. “I thought, perhaps, there was something I could do to help?”